Branded experience

Initial research

Historical Perspective and Background
“For the past 30 years, we’ve been a company with strong beliefs about the rights of people and planet.” As a result, all products are plant-based, renewable and sustainable.

The direction of this project is focused on Seventh Generation’s promise that every decision, every product, will be made with careful consideration of our impact on the well being of the next seven generations.

What We Believe, Actions and Progress
Seventh Generation’s outstanding characteristic is its dedication to promoting a sustainable lifestyle in and beyond its products. On its website, they have rallies, ingredient facts, etc. linked for consumers to view.

Existing and New Audiences
Existing target: Middle-aged women who purchase the products for their families. Loyal, repeating and community-oriented.
Contrasts: Younger people featured on social media.
New target: Younger audiences who are invested in sustainable lifestyles.

Generating popup ideas

Initial mood board
Seventh Generation’s mission is to live sustainably now in order to surface a healthy future for at least seven more generations. This is a concept that must involved younger people who are a part of and responsible for future generations. However, due to the existing product lines and marketing, the audience was primarily parents (esp. mothers). With this space, I wanted to rope in younger people as the new target audience.

First, I explored spaces that seemed modern, futuristic and appealing to young people. In this specific mood board, I considered an art gallery that would have interactive stations for people to turn their future goals into art for display.

To further develop this concept, I created mood boards for graphics, structures and interesting shapes.

An additional idea I began to consider at this stage was a week-long festival where young people would enter a spiral-like cylinder where information about a specific sustainability goal would be displayed and climb upwards on a ramp to the roof where different speaking events would take place per day.


  • Are you concerned that by targeting this new younger audience, you may begin to lose your existing older one?
  • Would young people be interested in a lecture series? What factors could you consider to entice them?

New idea
Inspired by large-scale inflatables like Companion, I decided to create an outdoor space with 3 inflatables correlated with 3 different sustainability goals. People would pledge tokens to each initiative through a pledge box and each pledge would inflate the inflatable. The goal would be to inflate each one to its entirety to show 1) the goal has been met 2) the community cares for the sustainability pledge. This space would be cater to both audiences as young people and parents enjoy outdoor activities. Additionally, a popular activity in Asia is “camping” by rivers. Stores will rent out camping equipment for the day (items such as mats, foldable chairs, small tables) and people will spend a day there eating, playing, etc. For sustainability purposes, this space will loan out the equipment for free to all participants as long as they register with an email to stay updated on Seventh Generation’s sustainability initiatives.

Final space development

New mood boards and sourcing

Space draft

Deliverable checklist

  • 3 inflatables
  • 3 pledging structures/boxes
  • 1 registration structure
  • 1 camping equipment storage/distribution structure

Deliverable drafts

Banners at each pledge station

Pledge station structures

Modeled photos

Final idea