Module 1: Media, Making, and Identity

Artists: SAMBYPEN, Keith Haring, Glenn Brown, Frida Kahlo
Groupmates: Leah Walko, Arden Wolf

This project has been a stimulating opportunity to explore and mix the styles of four contrasting artists. In the partnering phase, I became interested in working with Leah Walko because of my curiosity in how we might…

How do ideas travel? From makers to curators, they’re passed on, absorbed and cherished. Carnival is a digital space for exploration and participation in the unseen network of creativity.

Autographic visualization / Generative music

Initial research + concept

For this project, I was interested in the sky and and its invisible trace of sound. Although the sky is generally a visual experience, I wanted to experiment with ways it might become audial as well.

To begin my image to sound research, I looked…

Branded experience

Initial research

Historical Perspective and Background
“For the past 30 years, we’ve been a company with strong beliefs about the rights of people and planet.” As a result, all products are plant-based, renewable and sustainable.

The direction of this project is focused on Seventh Generation’s promise that every decision, every…

Amber Lee

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